Morrow Management prides itself in delivering unparalleled services to our clients.  The following are some of the services which we offer.  Please click on each for more detail.
Site Analysis & Opinion of Cost
Analyzing and understanding the related dry utility issues for a site is essential when determining how to make the most of each project.  Evaluating the on and off-site existing and proposed utilities as well as the potential constraints provides the client with an understanding of what should be expected when pursing development of the site.  Our Opinion of Costs are inclusive of all dry utilities (electric, gas and communications), estimated contractor costs, potential utility refundable and non-refundable charges, relocations and conversions.  Accurately determining the developer’s and utilities’ responsibilities and costs are vital to the financial success of each project.  
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Environmental Impact Reports (EIR)
Each study covers the research needed to complete the dry utility section of the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) including: determining the existing conditions (electric, gas and communications) and project impact, calculating electric and gas load studies, researching gas and electric transmission infrastructure, investigating California electric de-regulation, preparing needed site exhibits, meeting with each utility representative and preparing a final report.
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Project Coordination & Management
Before a utility design can be finalized, preliminary project coordination and design must take place for the success of a project.  A thorough knowledge of the dry utility rules, regulations, tariffs and design standards are needed to ensure each is applied properly for the benefit of the client. An emphasis is put on collaborating with other team members in order to understand the needs and constraint of the site to help finalize structure locations as well as recognize and avoid conflicts.  Project Coordination & Management includes a range of services from Site Analysis and exhibits to expediting and finalizing designs and contract packages to construction scheduling.
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Designs & Engineering
In order to expedite the design process and help avoid potential conflicts, Morrow Management provides the following services: Back to Top

Trenching Contractor Bids Packages
Bid packages include an Opinion of Labor and Materials quantities, scope of project, contact information and utility designs/exhibits needed for trenching contractors to provide accurate bids.  Services can also include the distribution of bid packages to qualified contractors and evaluation of all bids provided.
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Construction Support & Scheduling
Construction support includes a wide variety of services such as: coordinating pre-construction meetings, scheduling applicant install contractors, preparing utility installation and energization schedules including verifying that all needed facilities are ordered in time to meet the developer’s schedule, coordinating utility inspections and processing application paperwork.
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Lot Disclosures or Exhibits
Each Lot Disclosure or Exhibit is customized to the specific needs of the client and can identify such items as slopes, drain lines, block walls, gates, side yard dimensions, wet utility laterals and dry utility facilities.
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Service Extend Processing
Once construction of a home is completed, the installation of dry utility services from the mainline stub to the house must be coordinated with each utility.  Service Extend Processing includes the submittal of necessary information and plans, agreement processing and construction schedule notification. 
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Bond Processing & Exoneration
Morrow Management’s Bond Exoneration service consists of processing subdivision bond requests and exonerations.   Bonds are fully researched, tracked and a database is provided for easy referencing which includes a percent – cost to complete.  Tasks also include surety collaboration and coordination of reimbursements from local municipalities (CFD).
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Refund/Budget Analysis and Collections (Contract Management)
Once a project or work order has been completed the client’s budget is analyzed for accuracy. A matrix is then created to track client payments and utility reimbursements.  After coordinating with the client’s sales department for sales/occupancy activity we are then able to notify and submit the needed information to each utility for the processing of outstanding reimbursements.  Refunds are tracked until all monies have been returned to the client.
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